Blood Banks and Transfusion Society of Turkey "Dr. Nilgün Acar encouragement awards" will be given to the best six oral and poster abstracts selected by the Abstract Evaluation Committee. Case reports will not be evaluated. Authors who want to be nominated for the award should indicate their request while "online" abstract submission. If the selected abstract has more than one researcher, researchers will share the award between them. Selected best six oral and poster abstracts will be announced and awarded at the Gala Dinner.

First Prize Second Prize Third Prize
Oral Presentations 500 EUR 325 EUR 150 EUR
Poster Presentations 325 EUR 250 EUR 125 EUR

Oral Presentations Abstract Evaluation Committee will select oral presentations from the abstracts sent to the Congress. Oral presentations will be presented at dedicated hours on second, third and fourth day of the congress as totally 5 sessions. Time allotted to each speaker for presentation is 8 minutes, for discussion is 2 minutes with a total of 10 minutes.

Poster Presentations Abstract Evaluation Committee will select poster presentations from the abstracts sent to the Congress. Posters will be displayed at a separate area which will be determined by the organizing board. Poster Discussions will be held at the poster area with the moderators at the second and fourth day of the congress.
Posters should be prepared 70 cm width and 90 cm height and easily legible from one-meter distance. Authors should post their posters at 08:00 and remove them at 17:00 at the mentioned days at the program. The posters not removed after the specified time will be collected by the organization.
If there are posters that have been accepted and printed but not yet posted, the organizing board will have to make the necessary announcements and transactions to be deemed unpublished

Submission of Abstracts Only "online" abstract submissions through the congress web site ( www.kmtd.org.tr ) will be accepted. Abstracts send by e-mail, cargo, mail ext... will not be accepted. You can access "online abstract submission system abstract agent through the congress web site.

Abstract Submission Deadline: January 20, 2020 Abstracts which will be presented in the congress should contribute to scientific developments and should contain a result. Abstracts sent through the "online system" will be published directly. Therefore, all authors are responsible for typographical mistakes.